Olay Natural White Fairness Day Cream SPF 24 review

I hope you are loving my blog posts, please let me know your thoughts in the comments, I am open to healthy criticism. Now coming to today’s post, I will be talking about one of the best skin care brands available in the market,that is, OLAY. So I was running out of my Garnier light cream and thought of investing in a good day cream with SPF. I have my trust on Olay (who doesn’t) so I bought the Olay natural white day fairness cream with SPF 24. Let’s get into details:

About Olay Natural White Day Fairness Cream SPF 24

Olay natural white all in one fairness day cream, discover natural fairness that keeps you glowing every day with Olay natural white. Its formula, enriched with SPF 24 and triple nutrient system- vitamin B3, pro B5 & E helps:

  • Lighten skin tone
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Even skin tone
  • Hydrate
  • Protect your skin from sun damage

To give you fairer, healthier looking glow in just 14 days.

Your every day skincare regime with Olay Natural White:

  1. Cleanse: gently cleanse your skin with Natural white face wash to clear away impurities, preparing for whitening care.
  2. Hydrate and protect: Massage Natural White SPF 24 day cream or natural white instant glowing fairness onto your face and neck before applying makeup
  3. Nourish: at night, apply natural white night cream for a whitening treatment that works while you sleep



350 INR for 50 gm

Directions of use:

Apply liberally over face and neck every day after cleansing with Olay natural white face wash. Reapply during the day as necessary.

Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water




My Experience with Olay Natural White Day Fairness Cream SPF 24

Packaging: The cream comes in a cute off-white plastic tub packaging. It is not bulky or heavy. It is easy to carry around and doesn’t cause any spillage. The issue with tub packagings is that it gets little unhygienic when you dip your fingers in it and with long nails the task is even more tough.

Fragrance: It has a very soothing and pleasant fragrance. The smell is not over-powering and will not bother sensitive nose.

Texture: The cream is off white in colour and has a thick texture. It is a rich cream with SPF 24 which I like in a cream as it saves time and performs dual function of sunscreen as well. It spreads easily on the face and absorbs by the skin in no time. On application, it turns into powdery form and makes your skin very soft and smooth to touch.

Efficacy: Since it has SPF, the cream is little thick and feels a little greasy post application. But the greasy feeling goes away when it gets completely absorbed in the skin. I have dry skin and it takes 5 minutes for the cream to settle on the face. In summers, the heaviness is little bothersome but i can pass that because it lives up to it claims of providing even skin tone, hydrating the skin and lightening the skin tone to some extent. It didn’t cause any breakouts or irritation. I cannot say much about fairness claim because i don’t believe in any kind of fairness claims. With respect to reduction of dark spots, I didn’t see any reduction in 14 days, but it takes time, if you continue to use this cream than you might notice the reduction of dark spots. If you are particularly looking for a cream that reduces dark spots than I would suggest you to go for garnier light cream. Garnier light cream used to fade away my dark spots within 2 weeks.

Pros of the Olay Natural White Day Fairness Cream SPF 24

  • Reasonably priced
  • Provides even skin tone
  • Lightens skin tone
  • Makes your face smooth and soft
  • Provides a healthy glow post application
  • Spreads easily and gets absorbed quickly
  • Dual function of a cream and a sunscreen

Cons of the Olay Natural White Day Fairness Cream SPF 24

  • Makes my skin little greasy
  • Doesn’t reduce the dark spots as quick as the claim says
  • Oily skin people might not like it

Will ‘theblushcorner’ recommend it?

It is a good day cream if you can manage the greasiness. It works as a great base for the makeup as it makes your skin super soft and smooth.




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