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glam makeup tutorial using colourpop dream st. palette

colourpop is becoming my favorite these days. Considering how reasonable it is, I ordered two of the famous eye shadow palettes and two of the liquid lipsticks. I thought to create a glam makeup look using the colourpop dream St. palette which is in collaboration with the famous Kathleen lights. This palette has some beautiful blue/green colors and I couldn’t resist to put them on my eyes. Now lets jump onto the tutorial:

products used:

on eyes:

  • L.A Girl concealer shade true beige
  • MUA pro-base matte satin pressed powder
  • colourpop dream st. palette ( shades used: magical, potion, elfish, water bearer and mermaid boy)
  • ruby kisses black kajal
  • urban decay perversion mascara

on face:

  • AOA wonder skin primer
  • L.A Girl BB cream and ELF foundation stick
  • MUA pro base matte satin pressed powder
  • ELF sunkissed bronzer
  • makeup revolution blush and highlight palette shade ‘blush goddess’

on lips:

  • colourpop ultra matte lip shade ‘bianca’
  • on top of Bianca , Clinique lipstick in the shade ‘plum pop’

steps involved:

To create this look, i first moisturised my face and applied the AOA wonder skin primer to create a smooth base for my makeup. I wanted to start off with my eyes first. so I concealed my dark circles and eyelids using L.A Girl concealer in the shade true beige. I set the eyelids using the MUA pro base matte satin pressed powder.

next, I took the colourpop dream st. palette and started applying the shades magical ( marked 1 on the photo)  and potion  (marked 2) on the crease. you need to blend away any harsh lines on the crease as we are working with darker colors, we want the more diffused look on the crease.

next up, I took the shade elfish (marked 3) which is a darker brown color and focused it more on the outer corner of the eyes. once that is done, I took the shade water bearer (marked 4)  and applied it all over the lids. since, water bearer is bluish green and elfish is reddish brown, the two colors took a lot of time in blending together. it might look muddy on the crease but the trick is to keep blending and adding colors as you by. once everything is set, I took the shade mermaid boy (marked 5)  which is a shimmery green color and applied it on top of water bearer.

now moving ahead with the face makeup, I used a combination of L.A Girl BB cream in the shade true beige and ELF foundation stick in the shade nude. these two match perfectly to my skin and gives me an even base.

once I done with the base, I proceed by applying a bronzer, I am not much of a bronzer lover, but for that slight effect, I used the ELF sunkissed bronzer in the shade warm tan. it is a warm toned bronzer with slight sheen.

next up, is the blush and highlight, these two things I love in a makeup as they give some glow to my otherwise pale face. I used the makeup revolution blush and highlight palette blush goddess. it has everything you need for a blush and highlighter.

again going back to the eyes, I took the same shade water bearer and applied it on the lower lash line and smudged it with ELF smudge brush to give a smokey effect.

taking the urban decay perversion mascara, apply two thick coats on the eyelashes and I am not wearing false lashes in this look. you can wear falsies for extra drama though and I am sure, with falsies on, this smokey eye would look even more gorgeous.

I took the ruby kisses black kajal and completed the look of the eyes. now finishing up the look, I kept the lips neutral as we have dark smokey eyes, I applied the colourpop ultra lip lipstick in the shade ‘bianca’ which is a soft mauve color which was looking a little washed out on me so I took another lipstick Clinique in the shade plum pop.

and the look is ready!!

I hope you love the look. if you have, please comment and let me know. I would appreciate it.

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