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Bon Organics Aloe vera & lavender gel review

I love organic skin care more than anything else. In my search for good organic brands, I discovered the brand BON ORGANICS. Bon organics is based out of Tamil Nadu and dedicated to create 100 % handmade and cruelty free products. Their ideology is women empowerment and feel that women in India are no less valuable than any other individual and should be able to freely go out of their houses and enjoy themselves. I immediately connected to the brand and I couldn’t contain my excitement and ordered a few items. One of the products is the aloe vera & lavender gel. They have all the variants available namely, aloe vera and neem, aloe vera and tea tree gel, blueberry, and grapefruit gel, cucumber and chamomile, orange and cinnamon gel, etc. They pack their items very well and they make sure that  they choose all the environment friendly packaging. They deal in range of bath,body, and home products. Now jumping onto the details:

About Bon Organics aloe vera & lavender gel

Its a skin repairing gel. this blend of relaxing lavender oil, aloe vera gel and natural glycerin helps to balance hormones, is good for balancing the skin and is an uplifting anti-depressant. lavender essential oil has a soothing, calming and healing effect on the skin. it is beneficial for a range of skin problems including minor burns and wounds, insect bites, sitings, acne and sunburn.


176 INR for 100gm


aloe vera gel, lavender essential oil,natural glycerin and organic lemon oil

My experience with Bon Organics aloe vera & lavender gel

Packaging: The gel comes in a transparent plastic tub with a screw lid. All the details are printed on the lid. The packaging is simple and fuzz free. It is travel-friendly and the gel doesn’t move around much.

Fragrance: This smells like lavender,obviously. :p i am in love with the scent. I have migraine issues and i smell this gel every now and then, within minutes it helps in calming my nerves.

Consistency: The gel has a little thick gel like consistency. Its soft purple in colour and its not watery. It gets absorbed  by the skin in no time. Unlike some gels, this does not feel heavy and does not feel sticky on the skin at all.

Effectiveness : In one sentence,  I cannot live without this gel. As it claims, it has improved my skin a lot. Though, i was not facing much skin issues, but the texture of my skin has improved alot. I could feel a glow to my face. My skin is sensitive and this has helped in calming little irritations. I use this daily day and night. There was a time when I was ONLY using this gel on my face and nothing else. I had also bought the aloe vera and cucumber gel which I used to use in the morning, but I ran out of it. My brother was facing dryness issues so he asked me if I have something for him. I handed him the aloe vera and cucumber gel and believe me, he hasn’t stopped using it and asked me to order 2 more for him. So, I trust Bon Organics and I would advice you all to also end your search for aloe vera gels and visit their website, order and see the difference for yourself. You can thank me later 🙂

pros of the Bon Organics aloe vera & lavender gel

  • very reasonable
  • calming fragrance
  • improved my skin texture
  • gives a glow to my face
  • feels soothing
  • does not feel sticky
  • absorbs by the skin fast
  • heals the skin
  • calms the irritation
  • effective in calming the headaches/migraine

Cons of the Bon Organics aloe vera & lavender gel

no cons at all. These gels are blessings for my skin.

will ‘theblushcorner’ recommend it?

recommend it? I say, stop everything ( now that you have already read the blog) go to their site and buy now. You will not regret it.

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