Bath & body works pink chiffon shower gel review

Woohoooo!!! Bath & Body works store is finally here in India. I went to the store to check out what collection and offers they have and i was surprised to see such big store and alot of products. So today i will review one of such products from bath & body works. I got it from the US on flat 70% sale. Isn’t that exciting?

About Bath & Body works Pink Chiffon Shower Gel

Everything is prettier in Pink Chiffon! This light-as-air pairing of soft pink petals & vanilla chiffon icing expresses the flirty femininity of feeling pretty in pink

Key notes: Sparkling Red Pear, Jasmine Petals, Tiare Flower, Vanilla Orchid, Chiffon Musk

Wash your way to softer, cleaner skin with a rich, bubbly lather bursting with fragrance. Moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E combine with skin-loving Shea Butter in our most irresistible, beautifully fragranced formula
$12.50 for 295 ml
Water (aqua),sodium lauryl sulfate,TEA- lauryl sulfate, oleth-10, fragrance, sodium laureth sulfate, tocopheryl acetate,castor oil, propylene glycol, citric acid, linalool
My Experience with Bath & Body works pink chiffon shower gel
Packaging: The shower gel comes in a sturdy plastic bottle. The cap is tightly secured so there is no issue of spillage. All the details have been pasted on the back.
Fragrance: The very first thing you notice after opening the cap is the fruity, sweet and floral smell. It fills your bathroom with this amazing fragrance that lingers on and on. I can mildly smell it throughtout the day and i love it. The aroma takes you into some aquatic paradise from where you dont want to come back to reality. BUT, If you are someone who is sensitive to smell then this might be strong smell for you but the lingering effect is not bothersome.
Consistency: Its a clear gel and has a runny texture which forms into a rich lather. I just need a pea sized amount for my whole body.
Efficiency : This is hands down my favourite shower gel. I have tried alot of shower gels, as i get bored with using just one so i keep on switching but i know for sure that i will be buying every variant possible from bath & body works. It cleanses very well. It doesn’t leave behind any slippery feeling. It does it’s job well and the skin feel super soft and smooth. The fragrance calms your mind and relaxes you.
Pros of the Bath & Body works pink chiffon
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Sweet, floral and fruity
  • Rich lather
  • Cleanses well
  • Doesn’t leave behind slippery feeling
  • Skin feels soft and smooth
  • Doesn’t take much time in washing off
  • Easy to open
  • Just a pea sized amount is needed
  • Will last long

Cons of the Bath & Body works pink chiggon shower gel

I have nothing bad to say about this product. But it is expensive so take the advantage of the sale season.

Will ‘theblushcorner’ recommend it?

Hell YES! Barring the price point, i believe it is everything that you need to make your shower routine magical.

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